Maria da Conceição 
Gouveia Borges

Antero Joaquim de Sousa
December 8, 1934

First and only BORGES reunion
Summer 1994

Last photos taken with my Father 
 during our visit to Portugal in 2000.

One of the last pictures taken with my parents during my visit to Portugal in 1996.

Summer of 1994
Paulo Jorge and Cláudia's Wedding

São Miguel - Summer 1994

Last picture taken with our parents and the three of us - São Miguel - 1994


One of the several Summers my parents spent with us in the USA.





Wedding of my parents' first granddaughter, Michelle
Michael and Michelle
August of 1990


Happy moments I will never forget ...

Excepcional trip to Portugal in 1992 with our three children and our son-in-law, Michael.



Only time that my parents and Renato and family were here in the USA together.

My parents with their three children, daughters-in-law and 8 grandchildren - 1987



My Father's 1st vist - New York  - United Nations - 1973
Washington - Kennedy's Tomb - 1973











Our 1st visit to Portugal with Michelle, my parents 1st grandchild



June 26 1965

My mother's return to Portugal after our wedding - July 1965

Lisboa 1955 ?

Renato José Borges de Sousa
Luis Alberto Borges de Sousa
Jorge Manuel Borges de Sousa
João Pedro Borges de Sousa