Days 10 & 11
June 14 & 15
 Thursday & Friday

One of the most popular sites in Valencia is the Central Market, the latgest in Europe.
 Fresh ... everything!
Beautiful building

Cathedral of Valencia - 13th century

The woman talking to us was our local guide for the day.
She was an outstanding guide, very professional, knowledgeable and personable.

One of the supposed Holy Chalices in the world is revered in one of this cathedral's chapels;
 this chalice has been defended as the true Holy Grail.[8]
It was the official papal chalice for many popes, and has been used by many others,
recently by Pope Benedict XVI, on July 9, 2006.[9] This chalice with Arabic inscriptions dates from the 1st century,
and was given to the cathedral by king Alfonso V of Aragon in 1436.



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